Marry Mary

  • 4:30–7:00 PM
  • 4 & 6 June 2023
  • Castello, Sala Delle Armi

Mary crawls down the dark forest of her subconscious where she meets her shadow and her anima. They will guide her towards her soul, through a painful but necessary awakening.


Alessandro Marino, born in Brindisi, Italy in 1995, is currently based in Los Angeles. Alessandro made his debut as a writer and director with the feature film Brindisi, now streaming on Amazon Prime. He also directed the short film A Soft Love, which premiered at the Newport Beach Film Festival last year. Recently, Alessandro completed the screenplay for his newest feature film, Marry Mary, a project close to his heart. In pursuit of financing for the full-length version, he decided to produce a short version of the film, casting the talented Pauline Chalamet in a lead role. Alessandro is interested in love and dream reality.

Original Title: Marry Mary
English Title: Marry Mary
Original Language: English
Subtitles: ITA
Month and Year of Production: May 2023
Color/Black and White: Color
Camera: Alexa 35
Audio: 5.1 Mix
Country of Production: United States
Duration: 10min 50secs
Director: Alessandro Marino
Production: Sweet Thunder Pictures
Producer: Nika Burnett
Cast: Pauline Chalamet, Alessandro Marino, Will Brandt
Photography: Christian Klein
Editing: Nika Burnett
Music / Original Soundtrack: Temp music
Production Design: Armando Vernet