Guerra tra poveri

  • 4:30–7:00 PM
  • 4 & 6 June 2023
  • Castello, Sala delle Armi

In a suburban and multi-ethnic Rome, a mother and two brothers are evicted from the council house in which they live. The two brothers, convinced that it has been assigned to non-EU citizens, decide to take justice into their own hands and take back their home at any cost.


Kassim Yassin Saleh born in Djibouti in 1966. He left his Country in the 1990s and settled in Rome. He started out working in construction sites, then moved on to luxury boutiques and finally was noticed and hired by a photographer for an advertising campaign. In 2007, he was chosen by Joseph Lefevre to star in the film Said and, after some experience as an actor, he devoted himself to writing and directing short films and movies. Guerra tra poveri (2022) is his latest short film.

Original Language: Italian
Subtitles: English
Month and Year of Production: September 2022
Color/Black and White: Black and White
Camera: Alexa Mini
Audio: 5.1
Country of Production: Italy
Duration: 15’
Director: Kassim Yassin Saleh
Production: Ulalà Film & Co.
Producer: Joana de Freitas Ginori
Cast: Francesco Rodrigo, Sirabella Sinigallia, Alessandro Sardelli, Andrea Autullo, Maria Lauria, Sara Cardinaletti, Pino Calabrese, Sandro, Valentino Campitelli, Valerio di Domenicantonio
Photography:  Daniele Ciprì
Editing: Mauro Bonanni
Original Soundtrack: Franco Eco, title track by Amir Issaa
Set Design: Samantha Giova
Awards: Souq Film Festival (Premio Giuria Giovanissimi)