A conspiracy man

  • 4:30–7:00 PM
  • 3 & 5 June 2023
  • Castello, Sala delle Armi

In a lower-class neighborhood in Rome, there is a barber who believes in conspiracy theories. He is the laughing stock of his family but also at work. Nobody takes him seriously until he gets arrested by the police.


Valerio Ferrara, Rome in 1996, after studying piano and composition, he graduated in History of Art and Drama at Sapienza Università di Roma. He has studying film directing at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia and, in the last years, he collaborated as assistant director of Marco Bellocchio. His short film Notte romana (2021) was premiered in competition at the Settimana della Critica of Venice Film Festival 78, nominated at David di Donatello and Nastri d’Argento. The last short film Il Barbiere Complottista (2022) is in the official competition of Cannes Film Festival and won the First Prize La Cinef.

Original Title: Il Barbiere Complottista
Original Language: italian
Subtitles: english
Month and Year of Production: April 2022
Color/Black and White: color
Camera: 2:49:1
Audio: Dolby 5.1
Country of Production: Italy
Duration: 19′
Director: Valerio Ferrara
Production: CSC FILM SCHOOL Centro sperimentale cinematografia di Roma
Producer: CSC FILM SCHOOL Centro sperimentale cinematografia di Roma
Cast: Lucio Patanè, Maria Pia Timo, Simone Rinaldi, Bruno Pavoncello, Ilir Jacellari, Stefania Visconti, Beatrice Modica, Antonello Tortu, Fabio Morici, Michele Sallicandro
Photography: Andrea Pietro Munafò
Editing: Diego Bellante
Music / Original Soundtrack: Alessandro Speranza
Set Design: Nike Paolucci
Awards: Cannes International Film Festival 2022: Winner Primo premio CINEF