Bad Hombrewood

  • 4:30–7:00 PM
  • 3 & 5 June 2023
  • Castello, Sala delle Armi

For decades, the film industry has confined minorities to stereotypical characters. Now, filmmakers fight to change the Latinx role in Hollywood.


Guillermo Casarín, an aspiring young filmmaker, came to the United States from Mexico to pursue his dreams of becoming a film director. Now, he is on the verge of graduating from one of the best film schools in the world, but after experiencing racism in the country and film industry, he finds himself questioning his place in Hollywood. Through compelling interviews — such as Academy Award-winning directors Phil Lord, Lee Unkrich, and Guillermo Del Toro, and Melissa Fumero from the Golden Globe-winning show Brooklyn Nine-Nine — and archival footage, Bad Hombrewood reveals the dark side of Hollywood’s history and the challenges Latinx filmmakers face while trying to succeed in the entertainment industry.

Original Language: English/Spanish
Subtitles: English
Month and Year of Production: March 2022
Color/Black and White: Color
Camera: Sony FS5
Country of Production: US/Mexico
Duration: 24’
Director: Guillermo Casarín
Production: USC
Producer: Marian Cook, Santos Herrera
Cast: Guillermo Del Toro, Melissa Fumero, Phil Lord, Lee Unkrich, Ben Lopez, Dr. Laura Isabel Serna, Leslie Arcos, Osiris Pichardo, Jenniffer González Martinez, Anabel Iñigo, Santos Herrera, and Guillermo Casarín
Photography: Cory Ewing
Editing: Blaine Morris, Sergio Ortiz
Music / Original Soundtrack: Kevin Robles