• 4:30–7:00 PM
  • 3 & 5 June 2023
  • Castello, Sala delle Armi

Alfredo is a police man, he lives with his three sons and his wife Donatella in a small apartment. The family is waiting for the fourth son. The job, and the arrival of the baby and the small and the big problems of life are oppressing himself. An emergency call for an armed robbery will changes his vision of life.


Rebecca Cipolla, stage name Rebecca Marie Margot, begins her career as film director shooting the short film titled Briciole, produced by Elele srl in 2022.

Original Language: italian
Subtitles: english
Month and Year of Production: sept 2022
Color/Black and White: color
Camera: 2.39
Audio: stereo
Country of Production: Italy
Duration: 17′
Director: Rebecca Marie Margot
Production: ELELE srl
Producer: Gabriele Rossi
Cast: Vanessa Scalera, Elena Cotta, Renato Marchetti, Luca Vecchi, Rosa Marchetti, Arturo Marchetti, Elettra Parenti, Eleonora Albrecht.
Photography: Donato Sileo
Editing: Massimo Quaglia
Music / Original Soundtrack: Peppe Arezzo