The cinema of the future

07 June 2023, 5.00–6.30 PM
Cinema Radar


Alessandro Parrello
The cinema of the future
moderated by Silvia Bizio


Alessandro Parrello in conversation with Silvia Bizio, after the screening of his short film about Nikola Tesla, will explain his choice to narrate Tesla and the theme of renewable energy now current: the committed technique such as the real Tesla coil on the Set or the 1888 reconstruction of New York City. Starting with his film Parrello will explore the different narrative languages of future cinema, explaining how VR content is made, with multi-camera and where VR is used today and why VR fits well with a protocol of green film production in Italy bringing as an example the film Lo zio di Venezia that he just made in Venice following such protocols. It is an anamorphic short film starring Giorgio Tirabassi shot in the historic center of Venice. Next, Parrello will introduce the presence of a VR corner where through two OCULUS visors placed on two swivel stools, the audience will be able to try a sample of VR content including Tesla, The Divine Comedy and in-flight videos.