• 10.30 PM–12.00 AM
  • 03 June 2023
  • Piazza Palmieri

Siccità, a film directed by Paolo Virzì, is set in Rome, where it has not rained for about three years. This drought causes a lack of water and consequent thirst in the population, who in their search for a few drops find themselves with their minds altered, going so far as to upset the rules on which the entire community is based. These include a group of characters of different ages and social backgrounds, some victims and others opportunists. All of these people are desperate for redemption, but little do they know that their lives are bound up with each other in a rather dramatic way, as only sardonic fate is capable of doing.


Original Title: Siccità
Original Language: Italian
Month and Year of Production: 2022
Color / Black and White: Colour
Audio: Stereo
Country of Production: Italy
Duration: 97’
Director: Paolo Virzì
Screenplay: Paolo Giordano, Paolo Virzì, Francesca Archibugi, Francesco Piccolo
Production: Wildside, Vision Distribution
Producer: Lorenzo Gangarossa, Mario Gianani, Lorenzo Mieli
Cast: Silvio Orlando, Valerio Mastrandrea, Elena Lietti, Tommaso Ragno, Claudia Pandolfi, Vinicio Marchioni, Monica Bellucci, Diego Ribon.
Photography: Sherwin Akbarzadeh and Athan Merrick
Photography: Luca Bigazzi
Editing: Jacopo Quadri, Mattia Zoratti