Nikola Tesla — The man from the future

  • 4.30–5.00 PM
  • 07 June 2023
  • Cineam Radar

New York, 16 May 1888. The visionary Serbian-Croatian inventor Nikola Tesla is about to present an innovative and more environmentally friendly AC asynchronous motor. Before the demonstration, wealthy businessman George Westinghouse meets Tesla privately to convince him to sell him his patent and go into business with him. Tesla declines the offer but during the demonstration something happens that will change the world forever. Is Tesla just a young scientist or a visionary from the future?


Original Language: English
Colour/ Black and White: Colour
Country of production: Italy and New York
Duration: 16’
Camera: Versione cinematografica e versione virtual reality
Production: WEST 46TH FILMS e distribuito da RAI Cinema e RAI Play
Director and Screenwriter: Alessandro Parrello