Sabina Guzzanti – “AnonniMus. Vecchi rivoluzionari contro giovani robot”

  • 7.00–8.00 PM
  • 06 June 2023
  • Piazza Palmieri

Technological progress is advancing apace, the population is ageing and does not keep up with it. That’s why Laura Annibali, a half-genius in the IT field who is now in her fifties, decided to set up Huf, a non-profit with the mission of supporting the technologically impaired. But the ANonniMus, a hacker group of the third age, with their increasingly frequent attacks, terrorise the would-be supporters of her project. The scientist fights with all her might, but the more she fights, the more she gets into trouble, until she finds herself alone against everyone: colleagues, financial backers, friends, and even her SmartHome, a jewel of home automation she designed herself. After painting a catastrophic 22nd century in 2119 – La disfatta dei Sapiens, Sabina Guzzanti, in her new novel, tells us about a near future in which there is still time to choose. ANonniMus – Old Revolutionaries vs. Young Robots is a comedy that revolves around many topical issues, including the advent of Artificial Intelligence and the problems associated with it. Taking up the lesson of the great authors of dystopian science fiction, from Aldous Huxley to Philip K. Dick, and of contemporary narratives on technology, from Black Mirror to Her, via Love, Death & Robots, Sabina Guzzanti confirms herself as a unique and highly original storyteller, capable of reinventing the genre with unexpected and irresistible ideas, and of making us reflect, with irony and intelligence, on the great issues of today and the tomorrow that awaits us.


Sabina Guzzanti

Sabina Guzzanti was born in Rome, where she still lives. A director, screenwriter and actress, she has worked on many satirical television programmes including Avanzi, Tunnel, Pippo Kennedy Show, La posta del cuore, and has written and directed numerous fictional and documentary films (Viva Zapatero!, Draquila, La Trattativa, Span Time – Che fatica la democrazia), to great public and critical acclaim and international distribution. He has also written, directed and starred in several plays, including the recent Le verdi colline d’Africa. In 2021 he published, to great acclaim, his first novel: 2119 – La disfatta dei Sapiens.