Sweet Home

  • 4:30–7:00 PM
  • 4 & 6 June 2023
  • Castello, Sala delle Armi

Caleb, a young war veteran, returns to his old home with the intent to reunite with his parents. Few happy memories are fogged by a difficult past and an even more complicated present.


Lorenzo Sisti is an emerging Italian director based in Los Angeles, California. He departed Italy for his American adventure as a young, high school graduate. Lorenzo then graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a bachelor’s degree in Still Photography and later obtained a certificate’s degree in Filmmaking from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Lorenzo became a member of the international cinematographer’s guild IATSE Local 600 in Los Angeles thanks to his contribution as a set photographer for local and international productions. It is precisely through the world of still photography that Lorenzo has developed a powerful narrative language in which he creates images full of meaning which define his cinematic style. Sweet Home marks the debut of Lorenzo Sisti as a director.

Original Language: English
Subtitles: English and Italian
Month and Year of Production: March 2022
Color/Black and White: color
Camera: 2.69
Audio: Dolby Encoded Stereo
Country of Production: Italy/USA
Duration: 19′
Director: Lorenzo Sisti
Production: Eos Film srl
Producer: Enzo Sisti
Cast: Michael Deni, Charles Isen, Audrey Looye
Photography: Matthew Plaxco
Editing: Lily Judge
Music / Original Soundtrack: Savannah Wheeler
Set Design: LB Minnich